Jennifer Marks

About Jennifer
Where were you born?
Los Angeles, California. My husband got a job at Microsoft so we packed up and moved here from the Bay area.

In your free time what do you like to do?
Yoga, long walks with my dog, draw and binge watch my favorite shows with my husband.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Raising two girls to be decent humans. Surviving my 200-hour yoga training!

Something others might not know about you:
I am a huge Sci-fi fan and an artist!

A short bio:
Fitness has always been important to me and I have always led an active life. After working full-time and having two babies my fitness routine slipped and I was probably the most out of shape I had ever been. I ended up taking time off work to be home with my children and the first thing I did was join a gym. I started taking fitness classes and I remember I could not do a side plank, not for even 2 seconds. I couldn’t hold a regular plank. It was utterly defeating. My baby was 10 months old and I remember the instructor was so amazing, she explained to me all the reasons why I had no abdominal strength after pregnancy. She encouraged me and helped me build my strength. I started doing yoga and I got back on my bike. I remember the first time I held a full side plank I wanted to cry.  For me it wasn’t about losing weight, it was about being strong in my body. I decided to get my Schwinn Certification a few months later and I started teaching indoor cycle, which is one of my favorite classes to teach. After that I moved on to Stroller Strides. I started teaching boot camp classes and finally completed my biggest dream, a 200-hour yoga certification. I love motivating people to achieve their own goals. The biggest thrill I get is when someone tells me they have never pushed so hard or burned as many as calories as they did in my class. I love showing people they can push past their perceived limits. Mostly, I just want to motivate people to work hard, have fun and realize what they thought they couldn’t accomplish in the class they actually can, and then I want them to take that energy out into the world and be just as bold!