John Parks

About John

Hey Y’all! Coach John here! I was born at UW hospital in Seattle, and grew up just north in Lake Forest Park. In my spare time, I am either causing trouble with my 2 boys Remy and Kobe, tearing up a Spartan Race course, or smashing some pedals in the cycling studio! My life truly revolves around my family, and fitness! 

One thing you might not know about me, is that i used to weigh just over 300 pounds, and my greatest accomplishment besides my kiddos, was losing over 100 pounds and taking back my health! Since this transformation, I have become a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and can now add rhythm cycling to my list of jobs (if you can even call it that!) 

I am a laid back dude, who loves to get to know people from their core. Despite being born at UW hospital, I graduated from WSU in ‘07, and am a die hard Coug! My life revolves around my family, and fitness. My wife works at Seattle Children’s as a graveyard shift Charge Nurse, so we are always on the run! 

Come see me for some rhythm cycling – Let’s get lost in the music!!!!